Lalbaugcha Raja 2017 Wallpapers : Ganesh Chaturthi 2017

I am sure devotees of Lord Ganesha know that in year 2017, Ganesh Chaturthi will be celebrated on 25th August 2017.

I am sure you would be anxiously waiting for darshan of Lalbaugcha Raja, the famous Ganesha Idol of Mumbai.

Lalbaugcha Raja 2017 Photo for LIVE Darshan is here ! ….. More Photos of Lalbaugcha Raja 2017 below …

Lalbaugcha Raja 2017

The Lalbaugcha Raja, King of Lalbaug, is undoubtedly the most famous Ganesh statue in Mumbai.

It is believed that this Ganesha Idol is Navsacha Ganpati (which means the fulfiller of the wishes) and hence around 1.5 million people or more visit this Ganesh Pandal daily during the 10 day Ganeshotsav festival.

Find below Lalbaugcha Raja 2017 Padya / Charan Puja Wallpapers.

In 2017, the Charan Puja or Paul Puja Ceremony of Lalbaugcha Raja will take place on Tuesday, 13th June 2017.

Charan Puja / Padya Pujan is a ceremony where in the feet of Lalbaugcha Raja is made and a pooja is performed on it as shown in photos below. After this puja, this leg is attaches to the idol made by the work men.

Lalbaugcha Raja 2017 Mukh Darshan Ceremony :

This year, the Mukh Darshan Ceremony of lalbaugcha Raja 2017 took place on Monday, August 21, 2017. This ceremony of Lalbaugcha Raja’s first look and photoshoot was organised by Lalbaug Sarvajanik Ganeshostav mandal.

Find below Lalbaugcha Raja 2017 First Look Photo…

This year Lalbaugcha Raja resembles the Second Avatar of Lord Vishnu – the Korma Avatar. As seen in Photos, Lalbaugcha Raja 2017 Ganesha idol rests a tortoise throne against backdrop designed by Art Director Nitin Desai.

Lalbaugcha Raja 2017 First Look Photo & Video :

Renowned Bollywood art director Nitin Desai has once again designed the set that houses Lalbaugcha Raja during Ganesh Chaturthi 2017.

Lalbaugcha Raja 2017 First Look Wallpaper

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Lalbaugcha Raja 2017 LIVE Darshan Video :

In 2017, Ganesh Chaturthi will be celebrated on 25 August 2017. At that time we will have here Lalbaugcha Raja 2017 Wallpapers