Chinchpokli Cha Chintamani 2018 Aagman Sohala LIVE

Ganesh Chaturthi 2018 is around the corner ! It will start on September 13, 2018 and will culminate on Anant Chaturdashi on September 23, 2018.

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in grand manner in Mumbai.

Chinchpoklicha Chintamani is one of the popular Ganesh idols in Mumbai.

Every year around two weeks prior to Ganesh Chaturthi, the idol of Chinchpokli Cha Chintamani is brought from Vijay Khatu’s Workshop in Parel to Chinchpokli area through much fan-fare and procession of drum beats (Dhol Tasha Patak Salami) which is attented by thousands of people on street. This procession is called Chinchpokli Cha Chintamani Aagman Sohala.

चिंचपोकळीचा चिंतामणी आगमन सोहळा !

Some of the popular Dhol Tasha Pathaks in Mumbai / Pune which participate in this Aagman Sohala include –

  • Morya Dhol Tasha Pathak
  • Jagdamb Mumbai Dhol Tasha Pathak
  • Sankalp Dhol Tasha Pathak
  • Puneri Dhol Tasha Pathak
  • Shivswarajya Dhol Tasha Pathak
  • Dhamal Mumbai Dhol Tasha
  • Sanskruti Dhol Tasha Pathak
  • Samartha Pratishthan Dhol Tasha Pathak
  • Nadbramha Dhol Tasha Pathak
  • Shivgarjana Dhol Pathak Mandal
  • Rudra Garjana Vadya Pathak
  • Sangharsh Dhol-Tasha Pathak
  • Shivsamrajya Dhol Tasha Pathak
  • Swastik Dhol Tasha Patha

The Chinchpokli Cha Chintamani Aagman Sohala is something as grand as the visarjan miravnuk of Lalbaugcha Raja or Mumbaicha Raja.

Chinchpoklicha Chintamani Ganpati is organized by the Chinchpokli Sarvajanik Utsav Mandal. This Ganpati Mandal was founded in 1920 and is among Mumbai’s oldest Ganpati Mandals.

Chinchpokli Cha Chintamani Aagman Sohala 2018 :

In 2018, Chinchpokli Cha Chintamani Aagman Sohala will take place on Saturday, September 8, 2018 starting at 11:00 am IST and lasts till midnight…..

I am sure you might be searching for Live Streaming and Live Broadcast of Chinchpokli Cha Chintamani Aagman Sohala.

Live Telecast of Chinchpokli Cha Chintamani Aagman Sohala 2018 will be available on Marathi News Channels like – Zee 24 Taas, ABP Majha, IBN Lokmat, TV9 Maharashtra, ETV Marathi, etc.

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Live Streaming of Chinchpokli Cha Chintamani Aagman Sohala 2018 will most probably be available on YouTube and Facebook.

Chinchpokli Cha Chintamani Aagman Sohala 2018 Photos & Videos :

Find below Chinchpokli Cha Chintamani Aagman Sohala 2018.

Chinchpokli Cha Chintamani 2018 Photo - Ganesh Chaturthi 2018

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